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Landmark Blue is an IT consultant company based in Norway. Odd Christian Landmark is an experienced enterprise architect, and the company also collaborates closely with other consultant companies within EA, integration architecture, development and project management.  Read more…


A business must coordinate its efforts, in order to maximize profits, but even though IT is supposed to support the business goals, the set of ongoing and planned IT projects too often pull the enterprise in different directions. This issue must be addressed continously, and with a good methodology.


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A good methodology is essential for an architecture analysis and definition process. For Enterprise Architecture, one needs methods, tools and templates for business architecture, information architecture, application architecture etc. On a higher level, it is also important to define the continous and iterative nature of architecture work; the architecture perspectives are relevant for as-is analysis, architecture visions, target architecture definitions, roadmaps etc.


To look for and find potential for improvement in the relations between businnes and IT, processes and systems, people and applications. The focus is on defining a target architecture across projects and departments, and then planning the road to that target.

Enable organizations to continously improve their IT portfolio, even after Landmark Blue has fulfilled their obligations.

Helping the organization plan the set of business and IT projects towards a common target, hence harmonizing needs and implementations, and thereby focusing on supporting the whole company.